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For fans of Rick Yancey and Neal Shusterman comes a thrilling tale of survival as dragon-like monsters invade and two unlikely heroes must save humanity from annihilation.

When the monsters came, the power went out. Towns and cities became darkened ruins, and terrified survivors fled west, trailed by the blitz, dragon-like creatures screeching down from the sky enshrouded in lightning, delivering death.

The old world is ending, but not all hope is lost.

Left behind is a timid dreamer, Thomas, and a brash and outspoken daredevil, Cassie. When their paths unexpectedly cross, they must outwit both monsters and humans alike on an epic journey across a dangerous ravaged landscape if they hope to do the impossible: Reignite hope. Defeat the blitz. Save humanity.

Coming October 15th and available for pre-order now!

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