Kurt Kirchmeier is a Saskatchewan-based writer who has always been drawn to books with heart and a strong sense of mystery and wonder. He has a soft spot for speculative fiction and dark coming-of-age. Kurt’s short stories and poems have appeared in Abyss & Apex, Murky DepthsWeird Tales, Shimmer, Space and Time, Tesseracts 15, and elsewhere. His debut middle grade novel THE ABSENCE OF SPARROWS is slated to be published in spring 2019 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Kurt is represented by Ali Herring of Spencerhill Associates.  

In addition to writing, Kurt also has a passion for photography. Birds are his favorite subjects, but he enjoys landscape and macro photography as well. To see his work, please visit his Flickr site. Kurt's photos have appeared in Photonews Magazine, Living Bird, All About Backyard Birds, and elsewhere.   

When he isn't writing stories, taking photos, or connecting with nature, Kurt enjoys reading and listening to podcasts. He also fancies a good cup of tea and shoots a mean game of pool. The smartest thing he's ever done is marry his high school sweetheart.